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Ortona is a small town located on the coast the province of Chieti, is uncertain period origin, dating back to the first information Frentani who lived band including Abruzzo Adriatic between Ortona, Lanciano and Vasto, Ortona was, therefore, the port area frentana. Another hypothesis is that the city was founded by Illyrian pirates from Dalmatia. Italy was on the city built the Roman city of which remain some road features, portions of fence of city and which were found several findings. In 1258 the Greek island of Chios the Ortona Leone Acciaiuoli flying back from a naval expedition, led to the bones Ortona Apostle Thomas, who became the patron saint of city​​, still kept in the cathedral the same name, are exposed to the faithful during the holidays of "Forgiveness" Ortona is now one of the most beautiful places of Abruzzo, where peace reigns, ideal location for a relaxing holiday, but also for a cultural holiday.

Sea and Beach
The coast offers Ortona visitors different types of beaches, from beaches from desert to popolate.. Choose and enjoy.

To visit

St. Thomas Apostle Church
St. Thomas Apostle Church of Ortona, where they keep the relics of the thirteenth century.

Aragonese Castle

Built by Alfonso d'Aragona in part 2 of the fifteenth century as difence port and, at the same time as the controller of the cityby the Aragonese.

Canadian Cemetery

A few steps from Ortona Cemetery is the Moro River Canadian War. A memorial site for more than 1400 children who took part, and found the death to one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. Since April 16, 1944. There lie the remains of 1615 soldiers who died in the last world war, many of them belonging to the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, the Canadian Regiment who paid the highest toll in the Battle of Ortona. The shrine is visited each year by several groups of visitors from Canada.

Other top itineraries ...

Caldoriane Walls, Cathedral Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Cascella Gallery, Music Museum of Abruzzo, Stock "Francesco Paolo Tosti, MUBA, Museum of the Battle of Ortona.
  Top Events
Forgiveness Feast
Each year the first weekend in May, we celebrate the feast of the patron of Forgiveness of St. Thomas the Apostle, one of the most important occasions and heard by the local population. During the day Saturday, there is the parade of the lady of the silver keys, one of the most spectacular and beautiful. The parade is made up of ladies, knights, soldiers, nobles, musicians and flag bearers, dressed in medieval costumes and elegant of Renaissance . The main figure of the procession is the lady of the keys, choice of the most beautiful girls in the country. The keys are brought up in the Cathedral, where he held the opening of the urn containing the silver bust of the saint. On Sunday the streets and squares of the country are affected by the presence of the large market stalls and the procession of the Gift, composed of representatives of the various neighborhoods that lead off the land and sea..

Calalenta ( )
Organised by Slow Food of Lancaster, with the sponsorship of Slow Food Abruzzo and with the contribution of agriculture of the region Abruzzo, ARSSA, APTR, Province of Chieti, Chieti Chamber of Commerce, the Cities of San Vito and Chietino Vasto, Cala Lenta has quickly become one of the most popular and most anticipated summer Abruzzo, but also continues to attract many tourists from outside the region, intrigued by overflow, by the scenic and culinary delights of the area.

St. Sebastian Feast
It takes place Jan. 20 in front of the cathedral church is on the Traditional Boat: e 'a metallic charge of fireworks. At the end of the party and 'a must eat the traditional dish of "puzzenette" vruocchele and stored, turnips and cod, one of the restaurants that continue the tradition, or sit in their homes. The flavors of our land. The gastronomic tradition of Ortona awaits you with its seafood specialties, as well as the famous meat "Arrosticini". To accompany the flavors of our land, there are the wine cellars of some of the most popular national, producing award-winning wines at Vinitaly. In the summer along the coast adjacent to the event takes place CALALENTA food and wine, do not miss a chance to dine on overflow, the characteristics of piles built by the fishermen.

Ancient Tastes Festival
In the first half of August is held in the quaint old town of Ortona, the Festival of Ancient Tastes. You can taste the local dishes immersed in a 'suggestive atmosphere close to the Aragonese castle. The dishes range from fried fish to meats, sweet wine from local wineries in collaboration with the 'Regional Wine Bar, and also the evening will be entertained by street artists from different European countries.

For mountain lovers.
Ortona is minutes away from the ridge of the Majella, this ski area known for its scenery and excellent snow rises from 1,306 meters to 1,995 meters of the Passo Lanciano Maielletta.
The chair lifts and 8 of the area are 27 downhill slopes of all the difficulties'.

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